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Your genitalia has very little to do with your performance as professional women. Men have been given the wrong expectation to not display these kinda of behaviors via the way they are brought up in comparison to the way women are raised. Men and women carry different strengths and weaknesses, but it really depends on the individual. It’s not that men are inherently unable to possess the traits that make professional women better managers, and there are exceptions to this perceived norm. The issue is that there is less emphasis or expectation for men to change their behavior and to accept that they can just rest on the laurels of preconceived misconceptions.

One category says it all, motherhood

Try that for a day. Brings a whole new meaning to time management. It doesn’t matter whether your male or female. It’s all about their personality, determination, motivation and passion. If you’re on board then you’ll enjoy. As much as this title can be taken as flattering for women - we think there is still a hint of stigma driving your content. Leadership transcends gender - a good leader applies sound judgment to approaching various situations and widens perspective which evidently builds the kind of leader one wants to be. Gender does not. A great leader/manager is molded by lots of influences and experiences and they come dressed in all different shapes, colors and backgrounds. The one who takes the team to the top level will be a good leader rest all fails whether it is a male or a female.

But, really, IMO leadership transcends gender

It’s less about gender than about bring the empathy to the relationships that counts. Leadership is more about qualification than it is based on gender. Both men and women are able to embody the character attributes to be a good manager. IMHO good managers are adaptable, they show high levels of emotional intelligence in order to manage different people differently. These attributes are not exclusive to either men or women! Women have absolutely no chances and the world is still driven by men who hire men, maybe less qualified and keep men in companies. However, it is disappointing that some people who have negative assumption on women do really limiting female leadership. Women are not better than men. Men are not better than women. Enough with this office gossip. They as individuals are better at some things than other individuals regardless whether they’re men or women. If opportunity given either man or woman both can prove themselves as a good manager but due to male dominated society, it takes adequate time and struggle to reach top for woman.

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Women are far better listeners

A lot of men are terrible managers. Women are powerhouses between working, taking care of family and their household, these days! This is intricately woven in the content. But it is still refreshing to have a man’s point of view!! We all know that in older generations the women were always housewives and the men would be the breadwinner. This was in fact a give in. Today, both need to work to make ends meet. That’s why in marriages, most of the time the women are asked if they can take care of the home and also work. So it has evened out now. Besides, running a home is not as easy as it is said. It requires all the ‘so called’ managerial jargon, you have made a list of. Our take on this is that men and women are both capable, more empowered and actually both work well and deliver results. This happens more at the work place than at home.



Against the Sweeping Generalizations

Welcome to the new world order. Men also needs to survive in the job market as they have also family and commitments in life. The number of female managers have steadily increased through the years because companies are giving very high extra preference to women especially in the IT engineering field and it really helped so many Asian women in USA. Regardless of which gender you side with, it is unprofessional and offensive to attribute management capability based on gender.


People make the best managers and this depends on the person. It’s just that we don’t harass or being tough as business are to a lady manager for respect. If the manager is a beautiful woman, no man will close the door on their faces because of their beauty, and this is the first natural reaction from men over the opposite sex. There are many manager women with no substance. These professional women survive because they have men as hard-working employees to satisfy them. Some managers stink and some are fun to work for. The biggest mistake managers make is they believe they are managing a situation when they merely irritating everybody.

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