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Want to manage your social media marketing strategies better? In the first place, There Is No Such Thing As A Social Media Guru. People can tell if you are doing a scattershot method or taking the time to genuinely interact with your community on social media. 

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Here is a reality check for you:

1- Social Media’s economics (Facebook) are horrific {expect at least $10 CPM}. Be active on social and try to engage in conversation. Never leave an opportunity online to get noticed and share your knowledge and expertise. Begin by finding the top 5 most popular profiles in your niche, study what they are doing and how they are doing it. It takes only 50 milliseconds for something to create an impression on people online - make sure your content leaves an impact in this time.

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2- Emails are here to stay and deliver 30X to 40X better ROI compared to Facebook and Email GIVE YOU BACK FULL CONTROL of your Brand! Start with two platforms first, and once you get a good hold of them only then move on to more platforms. Rather than going for paid tools and apps in one go, try out some free options first. 

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 3- Social Media may deliver eye balls…so what? In this day and age it’s all about STICKINESS and Measurable ENGAGEMENT. It is a game, after all we need to constantly remain on top of things in order to be successful at social media marketing, no matter we are doing for our personal profile building or business purpose. As simple and easy as it might look from the outside, social media marketing is lot more than just creating a well-crafted post, posting it to your profile, and then waiting for likes, shares and recommendations to pour in.

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4- Start by participating in activities like Twitter Chats, and once you have a loyal following or once people start to recognize you, host one of your own sessions. But Email is overdue for an upgrade! That’s where {native} Video email comes in… You need to be consistent in all the processes that you mentioned in your blog. Incorporating video is very helpful for engagement. Stay on top of things and share your opinions about what’s happening and around your industry. Let people know what you think.  

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Decent social marketing is hard work and an ongoing exercise not a one off. Being part of the conversation is key and in various spaces it is being connected to digital influencers and encouraging positive conversations. Quality and consistency are key to social media success. Recent studies have shown that there really are optimal posting frequencies for the different social media platforms.

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