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Closing is the time all your sales skills pay off. And building a healthy sales funnel is essential, to closing sales. Salespeople must understand how the funnel works, in order to close more sales, because it’s all about keeping a steady flow of prospects, in the various stages of the funnel. A Sales Funnel starts broad. The top of the funnel includes the new opportunities. As they enter the funnel, they must travel though the various aspects of the sales cycle, until they get to the bottom, which is the close. Here we have the most important and effective sales closing techniques all in one place! You know how Lori Greiner closed for QVC right? Her secrets to closing laid bare before your eyes!

Why the Big Deal about Small Business?

The way they travel through the funnel, is by constantly qualifying and managing the opportunity, and ultimately determining if there’s a need for your solution. Now the cost of your sale determines how quickly your deal passes through the funnel. For example, if your average deal is $5,000, it might move through the funnel fairly quickly, because you don’t need as many signatures. But if you have a deal that’s $100,000, it’ll take longer to move through the funnel.

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CLOSE to Win: Selling Techniques

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‘Fear of Loss’ Strategy - Don’t Let them Lose Out: The ‘Give-take close’ is a closing method where you give then take back.

Timing Strategy – Timing it Right: Buy the dream close is where you share that this all could belong to the customer with one purchase.

Repetition Strategy - Say It Again! In the Summary Close, you summarise the benefits that the person will get.

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