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Snapshat is alive and well with teenagers, tweens, and even younger youth.  It’s like the Coca-Cola model, get them while they are young, you will have them for life. But the life of any social media platform may not be long! It is like any product, it has to stay ahead of the technology curve to stay fresh and progressive. Snapchat and the rest will die unless they can continue to evolve and pivot. It can only do that by delivering a product that is constantly intriguing their evolving audiences. That is the nature of a business if you don’t change you won’t survive. All this hubbub for teenagers with no money. By the time they do have money to spend, there will be a new platform that everyone is interested in. Adults don’t want to watch other people live their lives in 7 sec bites as Snapchat fails to generate enough value.

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Young people (Gen Z) regard Facebook as outdated, it’s something their parents are on, they simply don’t use it. Instagram is an issue, but it still doesn’t attract the kind of user interaction that Snapchat does from teenagers. As VR and AR devices begin to shed their novelty status and become as commonplace as Televisions (which is inevitable), Snap will be poised to capture that market along with other companies like FB and Google. Don’t forget, Snap manufactured the only wearable tech glasses that people actually wear. Gen Z’s buying power will explode in the next 5-10 years, and Snapchat is their favorite app RIGHT NOW. No telling if that holds true in 5-10 years when the user base is bigger and the tech has changed. They could hold it in the same regard as Facebook is held by them now, and by then all marketers will be looking for the “next big thing” yet again. SNAP may have significant appeal, but its current business model doesn’t support the current valuation. Unless the company can find a new way to drive revenue (soon), the market is going to take its stock to the woodshed. IPO insiders can start selling their shares July 30th, and the short sellers already hold about 20% of the shares outstanding.

The Featured section, and to some extent, Our Stories. They are full of celebrity gossip and shallow pieces. Facebook ads were terrible and sometimes intrusive in their first instance too and now they’re first on every media plan. Not surprising. There is explicit content on the “News” page, seen mostly by teens under 18, which is really just fake news, top-bidder agenda marketing (propaganda), and teeny-bopper mags. The user has no choice in opting out of the annoying and loud adverts. On top of being as overkill as a TMZ shrine in a Walmart check-out line, the app drains your battery SO fast. Essentially, there is too much marketing with funny snapchat pictures and visual “noise” for an app meant to spice up mobile communication with the relationships you care about. That whole noise between new stories and viewed stories is an irrelevant mess targeted for people who are mentally 13.


How to generate your value and not most embarrassing selfies

Differentiation is key in today’s marketplace, but it means nothing if it’s not aimed at filling real needs. Yes, the potential is there but then to compete with Facebook and Instagram, the advertising options must improve. Such as it is, there is not one real option for small business owners to utilize snap, in any way, to reach their desired clientele. And so it has remained the toy of the bored and social sharing people. Looks like they need snap the magic dragon to spice things up. Snapchat is a toy geared mostly towards teenagers who have smartphones. No offense but that’s literally what it is, right? What differentiated Snapchat in the social media market is now available across all social media apps. Snapchat lost its hype ! It needs a new strategy perhaps within commercialising. Definitely not worth the money today, it has to show true strength in the market. No surprise here. Driven by ego, not business sense.

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Instagram killed Snap instead of its acquisition!

With its far superior numbers and more user-friendly API, Instagram is eating Snap’s lunch. Instagram has but almost completely added all the functionality of Snapchat to their app. Even down to the same dog face “filter.” Perhaps a consequence of Facebook, Instagram is a social media killer. It killed vine and now killing Snapchat. Who is the next victim? With Instagram means that Snapchat does not have space in the market? Instagram has had more reach always, but Snapchat was niche. Also, even FB has stories now. What was uniquely theirs is now seen on everyone and they’re much better than Snap’s. What happened to their sunglasses? Pronounced as Children’s toy is it generating anything? FB wanted to buy it for a reason. Zuckerburg offered a real good price for it. It wasn’t because it was a failing business model.

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You mean dog ears and no good plan to earn money

Snap has a long way to go to prove it is a strong business worthy of our investment dollars! New dog filters aren’t going to make the GDP budge. The IPO was driven by flamboyance, not methodology. Also important to note that this isn’t reflective of the tech industry, which is actually doing very well on NYSE. Snap is more under social media, with very few but much bigger competitors. Even before other apps copied them, they had no potential investment plans. Snap never said what they plan to do with the money they raise.  Lots of people are worried that if they don’t buy it now, they will miss the opportunity. Funny thing is that when you go public and you prove your operational strength, operate in a growing market, and have a history of creating value for the shareholders, you’ll stay a great investment for many years to come and public investors will have a chance to buy and ride the wave for many years! (Think FB, Amazon, Coca Cola, etc). No need to jump and buy just because they are a tech IPO!

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Snap needs to find their hot dog carts

Every day, thousands and thousands of people from all over the world walk into Central Park… THAT’S AGGREGATION. But since the park is free… and you can’t monetize all that foot-traffic – There is no market-to-be-made, and thus – no MONETIZATION. Of course, that’s fine if you’re running a park in the middle of a city but not necessarily a great business model if you’re running a technology company that is allegedly worth 25 billion dollars. Despite this… Social Media -‘We want to give businesses a wider audience and a longer shelf life’. Snapchat – ‘Hold my beer’. They are just getting the ball rolling with their commercialisation as ad units and formats are made available across the globe. There just isn’t any particular value in it, (yet). We will see how they will adapt and pivot. Watch this space.



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