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North Korean Situation

Today we are helping you develop negotiation skills with great current affairs analogy on North Korean Situation. Business is business. The business of war is now a bigger business than before. So what if a few cities get wasted. These business leaders are in a greedy boys club of war games, selling sh*t, and kicking the can down the road. They have summer places in other countries that won’t be affected by a nuclear war. They just want to sell more sh*t. Today, the U.S. is the world’s largest arms merchant.

The question is: when will it bite us in the ass?

Self Molesting Misadventure of South Korean

Absolutely true on the ammunition business and the greedy boys. Similar is the case of South Korea. It is terrible mistake international community doing by isolating North Korea they feel more arrogance better to relax sanctions against North Korea to sit in a table to achieve peace in Korean peninsula then they can also realize their mistakes abandon destructive weapons and international community can help North korea for their development. How about a covert operation, regime change. Something akin to Cuban missile crisis, isn’t it? Difference is that during that crisis POTUS acted with far more prudence. Kennedy and Nikita both had sense of responsibility, but Castro tred to immolate the world for his ego. Leaders with real characters have no egos when things need attention to fixing. Expecially when these things are affecting others. Former POTUS Kennedy was working on the Vietnam war in the background. Camelot never really existed. It was just a well performed illusion. But he was killed by Fidel Castro. He wanted regime change. Cuba has kept to its own, and remains communist, hurting its own people! They run where, Florida! Get enlightened, truth must be spoken for serious change. I do not blame Castro, their vision of deflecting remains clear but a shame not raising their to be overcomes and live out their dreams just like Mexico! Sad to say: Cuba has been a pain ever since.

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Both have Over-Sized Egos and should do a Reality Check in the Mirror

Kim is a punk and as stupid as a brick. China now pulling its business relationships. US, they make more money. Duh! Bitcoin want same them nor the yuan! Too many Goliath’s have suffered in the process underestimating the David’s of the world. I have seen the miscarriage of newly acquired business due to battle between David and Goliath in the organization, situation was pretty similar, Goliath party started negotiating when situation reached in hazardous zone. nothing worked !!! This is one of many reason behind the high attrition rate across the companies. Most of the time Goliath (not all, mostly outside analytics ambit) are confused about correlation for causation, they have seen threat works but they ignore “zone of operation” and suffer. If North Korea fires the missile on U.S. then India will also suffer lot. Indian economy will go down by 25%. Cause 25% of Indian economy is based on dollar. So is the case with Pakistan.

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Two Idiots put Millions of Innocent Lives at Risk

It looks like both are in ass kicking modes that scares the hell of the Communist Chinese. This is much more complicated than our analysis suggesting as the role of China in backing Kim has not been considered. Trump is not known for his strategic moves and Kim is trying to push China to the limit. As always the weapons dealers and the underworld that finances Kim will have the greatest influence on the outcome. The Kim family now has nuclear weapons and is likely to produce more. How much will they consider to be enough? At some point they may feel they have enough and draw the conclusion that they’re out of the woods. The Kim’s may conclude at some point in the future that their dynasty will survive.

 Seek first to understand, then to be understood should be the base of every strategic negotiation exercise. — Stephen R. Covey

Contest by Thunder Dome – “Two men enter…One man leave!”. What if/when this happens? Could it be that a united Korea gets back to the top of their list? What about other “prey” in their neighborhood? This pair of gentlemen will know that if they carry out a war there will be no winner, we will all be losing by the great nuclear pollution that they generate with their bombs damaging the human being and nature. If they want war they must face them and stop mortifying the world.

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Effective Communication as Mr. KIM soon expected to join Twitter

And communication includes listening and understanding. If we were calling Trump as stable? Maybe stable should be redefined then. Both are as stupid as each other. Both are on the bottom of the pyramid. North Korea could never have prepared this nightmare scenario had the superpowers of this world behaved reasonably and rationally. That which they clearly didn’t. There is no doubt Trump’s bravado has added to the challenges and thats why the learning “Bravado doesnt work in negotiations”. I agree with the stability – negotiations concept. However, given the situation we’re now facing and how we got there I am not sure which form of politics is the best way forward. Should we opt for more diplomacy or politics by different means? Text book what not to do on both sides. BNK seemed to be getting the better of it. But now Kim losing China withdrawing businesses, Kim losing, they in the air with Japan, and both will squeeze Kim!

Credibility lacks as this Pair of Cretins Feel they Own the World

It would be so much easier, and better, if these leaders could just take it out on each other in a boxing ring, for example. Too many emotions are tied up in the politician’s and the world will pay for it. The problem is credibility. The North Korean leader has seen what has happened to the former Iraq and Libyan leader after they gave up their nuclear programme. In addition, the North Korean leader is looking at how the US is back tracking on the Iranian nuclear deal. The entire thing comes down to credibility on the behalf of the US. The problem is not of weapons, but do you know to use it or not is the problem. There is not a large difference between a domestically violent person DT and an internationally violent person KJU, both are terrorists. Don’t send a madman to try to negotiate with another madman. War could be coming. Kim wants to push to prove his point but at what stage will be too far and the the east is ablaze. Best thing would be for China to attack NK.

Donald is looking to Acid strip another country

According to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, there are two sides to EVERY argument. Presidents do not make decisions in a vacuum. There are at least 10 people on each side of that decision table and they almost always disagree. Only then the President must make a decision based on the input of dozens upon hundreds. POTUS is an inexperienced unacceptable and incompetent negotiator. He drops everyone in the shit and let’s others bail him out. Quote out of his own book « if you have 10 mio $ debt it is your problem, if you have 10 bio $ debt it is the banks problem ». His attitude with regard to the tons of companies he already bankrupted. It just goes to show that it takes his unintelligent voter base to sell that he is capable. The biggest risk for US would be if world trade went from $ to €. With both these idiots in position to just wreck havoc and stay in the news to bring attention to themselves…its a sad situation for both countries to be subject to their twisted realities.

North Korean Situation is an escape valve for world dissent!

Leadership requires the acknowledgement that a negotiated solution is better than war or a totalitarian with nuclear weapons. One can demonstrate leadership, but if the other is not interested in negotiation, you are going nowhere. This can apply to many long ongoing conflicts and tensions in our world. Both parties have to want to negotiate a solution. As long as one or both parties are not interested in negotiating, nothing will happen. Interesting how scared people get involved with calculus and estimates, in life threatening situations. Calling religion is old fashioned apparently, but using divine comparisons seems to do the trick. We are talking about representatives of a minority, yet speaking for a majority. Alas! Power is not the power of a true leader, neither is violence nor threats. Power is gathering, strengthening and hope! Destroying the world for faith and family is in itself defeat by definition and should only be represented by Goldfinger in 007. We all live on the same unique planet, them included! Peace not nuclear war. We can further elicit leadership lessons as things unveil. Both nations and the world is walking on thin wire for now.

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