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[Threatening Language/User Discretion] Politics in Pakistan has stooped so low that it no more is a respectable callings. Money, sex, scandals, foul language and that goes with this stinking profession has become acceptable in society. Stone Age was better than Pakistanis indulgence in politics. Absolute decadence! Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations may or may not be true. But this is what women have to face when they speak out against harassment. They are harassed for claiming harassment.

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What’s with Desi People and Acid?

That’s some nonsense by an idiot supporter. They respect them only when the women do and act as they want them to. The minute a woman speaks out she is threatened and harassed. All the people harassing her now are only testifying to Ayesha Gulalai’ s claims. Party politics, getting personal in conflicts, and blind reverence and defense of political leaders is a dangerous disease that produces such individuals. People need to come out of the delusion that parties like PTI do not have a tribalists and misogynistic mindset. She might be wrong about the alleged harassment, but this is not what should be done to any person. A lot of people lie and wrongfully accuse in this country. Are they treated this way?

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Developing: Saving Face! The coward @asspionage has changed his Twitter handle and locked his account after castration. Usually foreign accounts do these tweets to spread Pakistan as acid thrower.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Dharti.pk

How can an Acid thrower escapes punishment after Cyber Laws?

Interesting: Asspionage, a fingering with the word, espoinage is the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. Well not so with this dude.

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