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Let’s discuss some ways that businesses can use webinars to build and strengthen customer and client relationships. Webinars can be a great tool for nurturing client relationships. With webinars you can offer service, information, and support to your customers without travel. To strengthen relationships with existing customers businesses need to ensure that the webinar offers something of value to the target audience. There are many ways that a business can provide value to an audience of existing customers or clients with a webinar. A business can help existing customers learn more about how to use their product or service by holding a training event.

Webinar Basics: Introducing the Webinar

For example, a computer hardware company may hold a training webinar for their customersshowing how to install an upgrade to their latest product. Another valuable add for customerscould be an informational presentation. A company could review techniques, features, or functions that can help customers make the most of their product. For example, a financial software company could provide a webinar for small business customers that would describe how they could use their software for payroll or invoicing tasks. Webinars can be a way of mitigating support calls from customers.

You can shore up customer support by reviewing common technical support questions when a new product or feature is added. Another way to strengthen the bond with customers is to provide an informational, inspirational, or training webinar on a topic your customers will value, from a guest speaker who’s an expert in the field. By providing this valuable webinar to your clients you can build credibility and increase loyalty to your company. For example, a solar products company could invite an environmental scientist to discuss the benefits of homeowner’s using solar power to heat their homes.

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One way to ensure that customers get their questions answered is to schedule a support webinar in which attendees can ask questions via chat. Have people send in questions prior to the webinar so that you can prepare answers in advance. For example, an alternative energy company could hold a Q and A webinar where customers could ask questions about how to use their solar products. Survey customers in advance to find out what they’d like to hear about in a webinar. Ask them what topics they’re interested in, what questions they have and what types of speakers they’d be interested in hearing. It’s important to provide great customer service before, during, and after the webinar.

Ask for questions ahead of time. Respond to all questions personally and in a timely manner.And give attendees something of value such as a handout, a promotion, or a coupon. And include an exit survey and follow up e-mail to find out what else your customer needs from you. Webinars can deepen your connection with your customers and clients. Select a webinar topic that will be valuable for your existing customers. And provide great customer servicewhen connecting with your customers before, during, and after the webinar.

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