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Imran Butt Explains how Levi’s cater to Gen Z differently from Others

By 2025, 75% of the jobs will be held by millennial group of people. Millennials are people who were born from 1980s to 1996 (~2000). Beyond that is considered Generation Z. Forty percent of the world population will be Gen Z. These are the people who will grow old and stay and hence their narratives will change. From one revolution to another, as it took centuries and decades, it is about  years and months now. Why is the change happening? What is the urgency? The point is all of this happens when the consumer wants it to change. What makes us think that the consumer is not changing? This is what Mr. Imran Butt Country Manager Levis Strauss, Malaysia had to ask and answer about as he went live with Khalid Alvi Marketing Next members!

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Imran is an experienced Country Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. Skilled in Strategic thinking, Retail, Merchandising/Product Development, and Fashion trend analysis. He is a strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) focused in Accounting and Business/Management from University of Punjab.

What percentage of Gen Z is born to Millennials is the real question

The thing that bothers is that olden people have false egos and they say they know it or could do it if required. How to counter that narrative without hurting their ego is by reverse mentoring. This is exactly how Levi’s intend to cater to Gen Z differently from others. Because Generation Z understands disruption much better digital natives have a very strong values. Their morality and ethical values differ and that is what motivates the new generation. They don’t want to stand in longer queues for grocery shopping in the presences of Amazon Go. Extreme digital natives by the way.

Whatever I am saying to you was outdated yesterday or definitely would become obsolete tomorrow. — IB

That is why, Levi’s has struck the cord by practicing different methods to do right by the planet, from stepping up as fashion industry leader in the fight against climate change to launch of the Levi’s® brand’s partnership with Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green™  denim recycling program. The CEO has been found to promote spot cleaning. Take it from Levi Strauss & Co CEO Chip Bergh, who famously hasn’t washed his 501® jeans in 10 years.

There are almost 1.9 Billion users of Youtube on a montly basis. One Billion hours of video content being seen on daily bases. Consumer generated content has become a currency. Communication has to be trust worthy and honest to remove this polarization. Consumer insight, machine learning, AI will shape up marketing. The marketing needs to add value, need to be transparent and need to be trustworthy. With all of this, the mentors and influencers have to be from a different generation.

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Pakistan has a lot of polarization in fashion

Be it Gen Z or Millennials, Pakistanis are laggards they catch up party too late. However, Imran insisted that Television is dead for Pakistan’s market. If you look at a typical Shalwar Kameez, which is airy and on average costs for Rs. 800, Levi’s has fabrics that are adaptable and the product is falling in this pricing strategy and positioned around the same price point. The distribution has to be widely available, not only in the metropolitan. A jeans can only then be made a stableware in Pakistan.

We are victims of complacency. Complacency will replace you as an organization, brand, and as a nation. — IB

This is what resonates really well with the Millennials and well researched Generation Z which constitutes the critical mass. These are the people who are economically empowered. Look at the younger folks who have made it big. They have the money and a whole life in front of them. They are gonna be your consumer for a very very long time.

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