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Telescope leader or microscope leader

Leaders learn to lead through either a microscope or a telescope. Telescope leader always has their eye on what is transpiring but give the playing field enough room to perform through a wider angled lens. Of course, if things look as if they may go awry then the telescope leader can always zoom in. Micromanagemt is a great way to maintain a high turnover rate and solidify bad behavior in the workplace. On the other hand, building consensus is a trait of a telescope leader.

Intellectual Dishonesty by Microscope Leaders

The true goal of the leader is to instil trust and confidence in the workforce. How that’s done requires an empathetic bond with the team. Most toxic leaders lack that office empathy and when trust and confidence is lost they rely on managing. No one hates someone more than those who try to lead from the safety of their tent. A poor leader is someone who asks for input and suggestions from his/her employees, but continues to only utilize his/her ideas. Sometimes do you not wonder, how have they made it this far? If they can’t recognize these good qualities then they must not possess them. To take a closer look. Microscope leaders never afford the broader playing field and shrink perspective hence shrink the impact the internal stakeholder can provide. They also inhibit their own leadership because they themselves can never grow without self accountability.

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How can you really know your team or what they are capable of doing/not doing without spending time with them? The easy way out is to never take the time to learn and just give up and move on from someone. A good leader is someone who values and utilizes the input and suggestions from their employees. If your team sees that you don’t ask them to do anything you won’t do, you always get a team that will work with you. All employees wish to feel like they are part of something special and are bringing positive contributions to the overall success of the organization. If they become stagnant and are micro-managed they, the employees, will just shut down and look at their “job” as just that, a job. There is nothing better as a manger than getting stuck in and experiencing what the rest of the team experience.


Responsible Traits of a Telescope leader

A telescope leader is not one with the title but he is one who lives the title. There are countless leaders who hold the position in leadership but don’t fully grasp the responsibility of of a leader.

  • Lead by example goes a long way: Never forget where you came from or how hard you worked to climb the ladder. Respecting coworkers is important.
  • You have to be a true leader by teaching and guiding: You also have to learn how to take guidance from your staff if they are knowledgeable in something you are not.
  • Builing company culture involves teamwork: Help those below you succeed and reward those who prove their value. Peruse a list of 8 difficulties team encounter so oftenly.
  • They Listen: Listening has three advantages: It helps you to learn, stay curious and be likable.
  • They have strong body language: Leaders simply say their names without any preface.
  • Leaders share their future goals: Leadership is not about being confident, its about inspiring confidence in others. This will achieve confidence in their skills and actions which will result in the best outcome for the team!

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In the end, telescopic or microscopic are just visions. There is always a controlled risk that management must take while moving forward. Pride and ownership only counts if you, as a leader are willing to stand up and run defense when your men and women need you. But if you are only willing to accept the glory. The glory won’t last.

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