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The gift of leadership

Does altruism exist or is there some silent pleasure perceived from another’s satisfaction or development. There is nothing worse than when that position of power is bestowed upon someone who is not yet ready for it. The crown of leadership is given to one with humility, empathy, respect and appreciation.

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The parcel of leadership includes:

1. The gift of patience: 

Leadership is a lifestyle that doesn’t clock in and clock out, does it?

2. The gift of praise:

Being competitive can be an important ingredient, but a great deal of “successful” peoples’ drive was not from competition. Unforgetable bosses are always praiseworthy as they praise other people’s abilities.

3. The gift of forgetting:

Overkill punishments when gentle but assertive communications work are permanently destructive.

4. The gift of asking for help:

Certainly, those leaders with the best perceptive abilities or trusted staff with perceptive abilities do best. Sometimes you have to be the stupidest person in the room.

5. The gift of privacy:

Openness and trust are key managerial values, but they need working at each day, because people only need to feel badly handled once, or insufficiently consulted, for a leader to lose their trust.

6. The gift of opportunity: 

Motivations and tactics are difficult to ascertain when there is a less common or unfamiliar path or one that differs from one’s own. They know how to build amazing company culture with lots of opportunities for everyone.

7. The gift of sincerity: 

A leader willing to admit his own mistakes also encourages others to take calculated risks, which is necessary to achieve ambitious goals. They are self acountable.

8. The gift of freedom: 

To the detriment of everyone who is not a ‘yes man’ (or woman). Teams are often encountered with tougher challenges where it becomes necessary to allow for freedom of all team players. There may be several degrees of freedom.

9. The gift of tough love:

Remember: Do not climb the ladder of ‘success’ only to find it is leaning against the wrong wall. This could be achived by fueling diversity at the workplace.

10. The gift of respect: 

Any body can become powerful, but to remain grounded in case of being powerful, is what we need to watch out for. That comes to treating people respectfully.

11. The gift of purpose: 

Thoughtful leaders hire those who aspire to inspire them with vision for greatness. A recent discovery reveals if Maryam Nawaz Sharif has enough purpose to lead her father’s office.

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