Can’t afford? Don’t go! Private Amusement Adventure Park Bahria Town Karachi

People living abroad and those who are used to of going Disney they don’t go there every weekend, it is once per year event or once in a lifetime or so in most of the cases. After being several times to Thorpe Park, Legoland in the UK and Disneyland in Japan, I would humbly educate people and try to give them understanding of value proposition.

I remember how one of my tweet in the past featuring Maryam Nawaz Sharif asked people if they wanted a Disney like theme park and the responses were amazing. Although it was Ayub Khan referendum like satire. Yet my tweet received 629 retweets for the said poll. Yet, 68 per cent people wanted the then Government to get their priorities straight. A theme park for Pakistan was due and that too through private sector initiative.

Bahria Adventure Land Pakistan’s First International Standard Theme Park

Pakistan’s first International standard theme park ‘Bahria Adventure Land Karachi’ is NOW OPEN! Low-life Karachiites expect someone to pay millions to make theme park and let everyone enter for free will. After all Malik Riaz has to pay the amount to supreme court of about trillions. So he did this. He has opened theme adventure park as Bahria Town Karachi tries to copy Dubai’s Global Village.

People need to call and get details before going. And they upload their charges on portal, so you have to check before going there.

Adventure Land Bahria Town Karachi Ticket Prices

Now Bahria makes international standard parks to assure people that it is of a higher standard. To build their trust in theme parks. Same apply for your Car. Can you go to Mercedes showroom and ask them to give you car in the price Suzuki. Quality matters. Pakistanis need lots of time to understand this. If you can spend 4000+4000+3000 (two adults one child) once in a year to give quality exposure to your family then enjoy a family day. Also safety should be top priority, then this price is affordable.

When a Pakistani operated Askari park opened, which was affordable, we all know what happened their. For some, charges are overpriced by far than public can afford. Rupees 4000 makes more sense as it includes all rides with unlimited access. People fly in Emirates and People fly in AirBlue, can you please ask Emirates to give you tickets in the price of AirBlue. Adventure Park Bahria needs to charge a bare minimum to cover just cost. Simple but don’t criticize the park, they’ve given you a reason that this park has and is up to mark with international quality standards and hence needs to charge a premium balance. If the park is destined to fail then it will fail, so be it, but they are not charging extortionist prices. Why act so indignant? It’s a private enterprise and they’ll charge what they want. I can’t afford foreign holidays so should I complain about travel agencies? After you enter, all rides are included in this amount.

Last but not the least, amusement is an emotion that is not price conscious. Learn from Madrassah kids of Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman.

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