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According to the recent stats about cloud technology, Amazon has seen the growth rate of more than 70% from its cloud services and this number will grow more in coming years. Another prediction is that by the end of 2018, Microsoft will generate its 30% annual revenue via cloud Technology. These facts showing the growth rate of cloud technology that is increasing every day. Cloud computing has become frequently recommended for a variety of reasons in recent years and as the time passes away, it proceeds to become more adopted. We can say that there will be a growing buzz in coming future in the field of cloud technology.

But still, the prime question- what actually the Cloud Technology is? What are advantages of cloud computing and so on? There are so many benefits which you get from the cloud computing. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon are investing regularly in the field of cloud technology.  We have compiled a listing of the benefits so that you can take overall advantages from this modern technology. Let’s discuss one by one.

Software Integration

software integration
In the field of cloud, software integration occurs automatically. This implies that you do not need to take extra attempts to integrate and customize your applications as per your choices. This appearance usually happens automatically. Along with this, cloud computing enables you to customize versatile options with great efficiency. You can handpick those software applications that you think will adequately accommodate your business.

Prompt deployment

prompt deployment
Cloud computing gives you the convenience of prompt deployment. Your whole system will be thoroughly useful once you opt cloud computing for functioning. Thus, the amount of time used here will depend on the specific kind of technology that you require for your enterprise solutions.

Cloud manages underlying infrastructure

Cloud Manages Underlying infrastructure
Cloud enables businesses to focus on application development and manages underlying infrastructure. This happens with the help of cloud service providers. Users can mount services through this. They can customize applications, manage their enterprise needs, and access cloud services from anywhere in the world just by having an internet connection.

Along with these, the other major benefit is the hardware failures that do not result in data loss due to the network backups. That means that no data loss occur when the hardware fails.

Smooth Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions

It takes too long to bring the data and records from one system to another if any acquisitions and mergers happen. But for this, you have to use the cloud for managing data so that you can merge your firm smoothly. Thus, you can save the required time as well cost since you have to spend the one-time amount.

Data Security

cloud and data security
By stealing the corporate Smartphone, laptop, and gadgets, the corporate data can get misused easily. Anyone can get sensitive information and conduct industrial surveillance by stealing the corporate gadgets. But, if you used the cloud for data storage, it is not possible to hack the data so easily due to the cloud data that remains at the centralized position. It can be obtained from anywhere around the world, not being bound inside a particular device. Thus, cloud data storage provides a secure way of your huge data management.

Cloud computing saving overall cost of servers

Cloud computing saves overall cost of servers by using the remote resources. These services give enterprises a contentious choice by implementing the most innovative possible technology. Companies can move rapidly than opponents who are applying for IT resources to manage their internal infrastructure.

Thus, users can get applications to market swiftly without bothering about existing infrastructure expenses or maintenance.

Portable applications

If the application is designed properly, you can take the full advantages of portable application. That means you will be able to move back to the cloud from the conventional computing infrastructure. Thus, business applications and data can be moved from conventional computing infrastructure to the cloud without facing any trouble. The advantage of doing so is the businesses flexibility. Thus, you get the full benefits of both traditional and cloud environments.

Along with these, Cloud computing requires less work on the part of IT, so that the resources and budgets can be freed up to focus on core competencies. Thus, your IT management would be more easy and modernized.

On-Demand Cloud Resources

There are multiple agencies that have the workers that manually code the information from one system to another. But this practice is too old. Now the On-demand cloud resources give the way to try out novel approaches without unnecessary investments in supporting systems. Even government companies are now migrating from their existing system to the new cloud based system.

With the availability of on-demand cloud resources, new configurations can be up and running in a quick time, thus you can save your overall time. Furthermore, with the help of On-Demand Cloud Resources, the transition will be much faster. Along with these, end-users in the associated companies can immediately access cloud-based systems. Thus, making a transformation towards cloud is moderately the right decision.

In the software field, there are multiple free versions of software that are provided by the cloud so that you can check the trial version.

Cloud technology provides a unique way of selling

Nowadays where the purchases are slowly moving from the retail store to online stores, cloud technology is becoming more vital. It provides a unique way of selling potential as the cloud technology already knows, what the user wants. Thus, cloud technology helps to target your real customers.

Servers are off-premise

Save cloud server cost
Another advantage of using Cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, you don’t need to update your software at regular intervals, supplier already take care of them for you and roll out frequent software updates. Along with these, they implement regular security updates. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your system. You only have to focus on the things that are relevant and important for advancing your business.

Thus, Cloud computing gives you higher security due to the fact that your data have kept on the centralized position that is in the cloud.  You can access it from anywhere no concern what occurs to your system. If your company or enterprise is moving towards the cloud computing then they can hire a cloud computing service provider to make their infrastructure more reliable and efficient.

Author Mridul Kabra

Mridul Kabra is a TEDx speaker on the topic of Cryptocurrency. He is better known as the Digital Marketing Head of The NineHertz and Quadrigo. As a professional Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained at prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs in India.

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