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The youth of Pakistan has been facing many problems since long. However, some of the main problems facing by our Pakistani Youth, as highlighted in a Facebook Public post*, are:

1. Lack of Critical Thinking in Educational Institution

Lack of a positive and progressive society: Higher education costs, “susraali” type teachers in institutions, always demotivating students. Many intellegent and hardworking students are now sitting idle because of lacks of jobs in the fields they studied. Mostly well educated Students are doing nothing even they are well aware about market situation. The only thing you can do for the youth in this regard is to organize career counselling seminars as much as you can, so that no one chooses a wrong path and then you’ll see the results clearly. Also observed young minds being victim of criticism because of failures and bad grades. Flaws in education system is due to the poor mentality that education mean only degrees and getting good grades leading into inferiority and superiority complex. There is a lack of an environment which welcomes critical thinking, which encourages the youth to make their own choices. Lack of vision and life plan. Unfortunately, our education system only produce employees but the economy needs employers and there is already excess of supply of employees in the market. Mostly well educated Students are doing nothing even they are well aware about market situation. Basic problem is the education system churning out products that have no demand. Killing the creativity, and creating a stereotypical mindset that negates free thought.

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2. Unemployment and Saturation in the Job Market

There are no jobs and saturation is at its peak: Lack of job opportunities because Federal Government as well as Provincial Government is not paying attention on creating jobs for thier respective areas. Whenever posts are created, they are stayed in court or already adjust. Legislature doesn’t provide any platform or opportunity for youth to progress in life or fulfil thier basic needs. Regretably enough, youth is being addicted of drugs due to unemployment. Resultantly, After being suffered in frustration they lead towards suicide. Aforementioned reasons are merely result of negligence of government. Lack of Entrepreneuship Culture is one of the cause of unemployment. Everyone wants to get job after graduation, no one  is willing to create jobs. One of the big issue is that when children think to startup new venture parents will never support them and the answer will be always “no! no” and only ono rather discussing with their childrens, simply lack of understanding between child and father/mother.

3. Lack of General Health Awareness among Pakistani Youth

Issues realted to health especially mental health: Lack of acknowledgement for mental health issues as an actual problem is a major issue regarding the youth because its something that eventually hinders performance in all activities and segments of life. No matter what other problems are, untill and unless mental health is fine nothing really matters. This one is what makes a human actually grow in all directions mentally and physically. Our youth is getting more and more obsessed with Pompy stuff and the general awareness about health has just vanished. They’ve literally become chickens, because of this same ignorance, Pakistan, despite being a muslim country, eats murdaaar stuff totally unhealthy, simply cuz people just don’t care. The scale of damage this negligence does is again way too underrated. I’ve met countless examples of otherwise gifted individuals who couldn’t make a good choice for themselves just because they were mentally impaired, surviving on chips coke in front of a laptop and scared as shit to make any genuine stuff in life.

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4. Identity Crises and Lack of Career Counselling

Wrong choices of career/profession due to lack of proper consultation: Everyone tries to mould the youth according to their own wishes, parents at home, teachers at schools and so on. Absence of career counseling, awareness issues, lack of leisure facilities which results in frustration and then in drug abuse and suicide. Now this is why Pakistan has thousands of redundant engineers but no kaam ka bnda for when it cones to building a society, every brick counts, unfortunately our youth is a victim of being painted in a traditional color where they lose their own identity. Listen to the unforgiven by Metallica, it speaks well and fits our current situation. Because of this issue we have unemployment poverty you name it. Beside Drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, sexually frustrated youth, career problems, gang-related crimes. Which are just a tip of the iceberg. The most sensitive case is “BAD COMPANY”. FROM where he starts smoking , teasing , robbing, and all other bad things.

But here is the deal with our Pakistnai Youth:

Back in 2011 I participated in Youth Essay Competion held by the then Opposition party of the time. I actually won it. Since I was absent you can watch current Minister for Interior Affairs introducing me infront of his party leadership. In the speech that follows, you can find my perspective on the same topic. Still valid today and reconfirmed by the above research report.

Still we are progressing after all these issues like Lack of Real Heros, Extremism, Alienation from Political processes:

Zara Num ho tou Yay Matti Bare Zerkhez hai Saqi

Some Funny Answers:

  • Hair fall
  • Slow Internet
  • Gadgets and social media
  • Easy Load (Saba, Uzma)
  • Expensive fries
  • Limited chaey-dhabas
  • No sale on khaddi
  • No Native Platform/Space for Soul Searching
  • Judgemental aunty/uncles

Credits: A special thanks to Ehsam Ullah Baig from PISE for making this Facebook Post* and initiating a public discussion.

Disclaimer:These may not be all the issues. But effectively we have tried to cover the Common Problems Faced by our Youth in Pakistan.

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