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Fahad Mustafa - Pakistani film show runs the most popular television program on ARY Digital TV Network seeking its peak popularity in the calender month of Ramadan for past many years. The Jeeto Pakistan live show offers a variety of lessons from the revolutionary brand concious economy in today’s Pakistan. One is a must: Love is essential to leadership.

    • KNOW: Fahad Mustafa gets to know his helping hands at the set as individuals. To him they’re three-dimensional people, not replaceable cogs. They play together. They break bread together. He knows when their kids are pitching in little league games, and he gives them the flexibility to attend these life events. This is a two-way street. He also intends to show them who he is including his own graphic vulnerabilities. The old adage is true: people don’t care what you know unless they know that you care.

    • INPUT: He take their input and act on it. They see this and appreciate it. When his team wanted to work on inviting personal favorite celebritis, he devoted staff time to understanding their perspective, gathering their input, and acting on it as an organization. Staff feels seen, heard, respected, and influential.

    • OPEN: Fahad Mustafa stays open, honest, and transparent with them. When he learns of tight budget numbers, he doesn’t try to hide it from them like children who need to be protected. He lets them know, and in fact, try to make them part of the solution.
    • FIGHT: He fights for them. He fights for Muji. Fabia. When staff were underpaid, he fought for raises. When there were some break-ins onsite, he fought for more police patrols and security cameras. His team knows he has their back.
    • STEP UP: When a crisis hits, he show up in full-force. Abadndoning complete shows. When one of stage actress got harrassed. He  couldn’t do anything but stop the show to make sure she was well.
    • EQUALS: A member on his team was going to snake-bite him but was told by others not to because he was the show host. “No way!” I said. “I’m not above this. I don’t get special privileges.”- he said. He is one of the team, and this applies to all.

  • HONOR: He honors their service. When employees leave, they have a goodbye dinner honoring their service. He praises in public on camera, praise in private, and take great joy in seeing them shine.

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Fahad Mustafa is, undoubtedly, the best game show host of present times who makes the show interesting to the extent that you can’t miss a single moment of the show. Jeeto Pakistan show 2017 can be reached through Jeeto Pakistan live call number in show.

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