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Startup growth requires cash injections as no startup has revenue in abundance (black or “kala dhan”). Otherwise, they would not be a startup. As you all know that “Idea Croron Ka” is the first business reality show in Pakistan and with the combination of success stories, the show looks very inspiring and motivating. There were number of startups who got millions of investment in Season 1 such as Checkin.pk, Affordable.pk, Smart Devices, Nearpeer, Virgin Teez and DIY Geeks etc. Do you wonder how these startups are going now a days? Did they find their investors helpful and collaborative?

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They got nothing. But false hopes. We know no less than 3 startups who went there, and got “fake” investment. Most reality shows where businesses pitch are scripted commercial offerings giving false hope. No one ever actually gets investment and it shouldn’t be considered as a venue for that. Rather they provide household exposure and free advertising which can be used as a spring forward momentum for mostly consumer startups to build and grow their customer base. Set up for free advertisement exposure were these startups to say the least:

  1. Patari: They had investments beforehand
  2. Rieaya: An advertisement ploy
  3. Smart Devices: Abdul Gaffar whose IoT startup got acquisition from BlueEast by Orient was in News even before shooting of show.

Seriously, the only possible benefit out of such a hidious criminal scam program is to use this for momentum to get traction going and grow from the free publicity. Really, investors will only take a risk based on a few things that include intellectual property, the month on month growth, and potential of sustainable revenue that will 10x their return. In these circumstances, do you really feel safe to intake stake holders in your startup? Why not earn and then invest.

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Here are few booming industrial ideas:

Fuel Economy

While the world is on verge of investment boom and terms like India economy forecast, fuel saving cars economy, tesla model and prices, diesel fuel economy, all tesla models, economy fuels are most searched vital ideas.

Google Cloud

Cloud computing is not far behind and cloud computing platform through cloud computing server is most opted idea through cloud computing wiki.

Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk AI, Next Generation Antivirus AI, and Stephen Hawkins AI are also some alluring concepts.

Homo Digitalis: The future of Automation

Health Sector

Health coverage is a core issue too with focus on health care law and group health insurance.

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Till today Pakistani investors have real state bonds or stock mindset and  not ready to take risk and invest on youngster who might fail 90% of the time. Because mostly these “Angels” unlike Sharks from Shark Tank and Dragons from Dragon’s Den got this wealth by their forefathers business legacy and they know they cannot earn it again. So they are more intended in increasing corporate slaves. Have you gone through Amazon Company Profile. Call through Amazon Online Number and request Amazon Corporate Information. Big new venture always need huge investments to scale up like Amazon (Amazon online store) or Alibaba. And these giants turn into profit after years or decade but our society investors mindset is not capable enough to accept this reality and want profit grist to the mill.

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