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Aliya Tipu Signature Salon Fraud

On being told that they are playing with women’s self esteem and money, Aliya Tipu Signature Salon calls it the creativity of a make up artist. Although, must add anyone who might marry the model on her after look might have to sue Saloon on grounds of Cheating I guess. This is not a makeover for God’s sake. This is pure abyss and playing with people’s self esteem, money and facial features. Shame on Aliya Tipu Signature Salon for putting this description up and commercializing fake beauty standards to run their salon:

This beauty got a cat eye cut crease look with pretty pink eyelids paired with pair of falsies, bold brows, perfectly highlighted and contoured face with rosy flushed cheeks and flamingo pink lip color. To complete this look we gave her a voluminous blow out. Love it how perfectly she rocked this pretty pink look! — Facebook Post Description by Aliya Tipu Signature Salon Page

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Dark & Ugly Society Fair & Lovely Shortcomings!

How does it not humiliate the dark colour of a girl hinting she needs to get a similar makeover in order to look “beautiful”. Tell me it doesn’t make our men want to select a “fairer” toned women just because it’s aesthetically pleasing. This is crazy. Our society is brought up this way where a person is judged only on the basis of skin color. The salon guys did a job as per customer’s needs but it’s just the thought that is disturbing that a person who is not fair would not be proud of whatever colour she possesses. It’s about setting standards for others. it’s about going back to stone age beauty concepts. These salons drive us. They come up with trends and all. And i, for one, don’t want to fall for such augmented /false trends. There’s also some decent way to portray your work. This was utter disgrace. Better show some respect towards women.

The Professional Response: 

Hello, we’d like to say that this makeup is done on a model in order to show that makeup is an art, and, like every art, the make artists also have the freedom to express their creativity. This is a before and after including various skin and hair treatments and removal. She’s been given a contemporary look that she was totally appreciative of. Whitening was NOT the focus of this makeover to enhance her natural features and has nothing to do with having a preference towards making people look white. Lastly, even if we have a different opinion, there is a respectful way of expressing your opinion. Also, in case you doubt our expertise you all are most welcome to come visit our salon and witness LIVE makeover demo. We have done a lot of skin treatment to exhibit such results and the model has given her consent to show her before & after. — Aliya Tipu Signature Salon

While I am all for flaunting the dark complexions and beauty in all shades but this post and comments appear to be bullying on saloon artist as well. She has done great work as per demands of her customers. She didn’t go out on streets looking for dark girls and forcing them to come to her business so she could brighten them. While I am all for beauty in all shapes and Colors but I also know that there white and fair can be pretty too. The saloon artists responses were well balanced and non judgemental even to most careless n offensive comments. She is also right in defending her artwork. I mean what she has done with the model is hard work. If her paying/consenting client wanted that we cannot tell them not too. Also we leave no stone unturn to bash and question somebody’s business and do not wish to evaluate the thought behind it. The girl must be super happy to look the way she did but we have inculcated so much self hatret with such comments on the picture that she must have regretted entering the parlour. Please spare her. Until and unless she will not be comfortable in her skin, me and you cannot bash anyone.

It’s about perception, belief and one’s school of thought

Sorry to say but whatever has happened – to the before picture taken, to makeover and to coming up to social media, all has happened with the WILL of this person. This girl with full wilingness went for this makeup and nobody forced her to do so. All I see is the flaw in the society to objectify her and point fingers. Everyone wants to look pretty regardless of their colour and race. Women want to look pretty, you want to look pretty and it would be a straight lie to deny that all women use variety of cosmetics to look pretty. What went wrong here was that it was all done by a renowned women in this case.

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This is so disrespectful. She’s a beautiful woman and Aliya Tipu Signature Salon could have given her a makeover using her own complexion instead of turning her into a fake porcelain doll. We all know that makeup is an art. We all should respect all kinds of arts and artists all around the world but first we should know how to respect the humanity. We have not seen any before and after painting of a painter, have we?

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