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Many people go into Facebook Ads without a clear strategy and a proper sales funnel in place. It’s not just about setting up the audience. There are some other factors involved. Do you have website? If YES, you need to merge your Web and Facebook shop and use Abandoned Cart Messenger.

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In my personal experience, if you are operating in Pakistan, targeting people using interests and behaviors is the least effective method, especially if you are in a general niche. I am assuming that uptil now you are just boosting posts, you need to run cra0usel and dynamic ads.Before introducing you with the Abandoned Cart Messenger, here is a quick and very rough framework that you can start with. Remember FB Ads are all about constant experimentation and learning:

1. Integrate your pixel properly with all the events defined on proper pages (View Content, ATC, Initiate Checkout, Purchase)

Here is one such service that we offer to put you to ease:

2. Make a couple of good AdCopies (I mean really good) and run a few PPE campaigns (Page Post Engagement) without any specific targeting. Select entire Pakistan (don’t underestimate small cities). Also my suggestion in a single campaign and ad set use multiple ads it will help you in analyzing the data and will reduce the chances of Audience overlapping. Once you are getting traffic and engagements and Sales shortlist your winning product and then spend more amount on that. 

3. You will start getting page engagements and website clicks from people who are actually interested in your products and offerings and more likely be your potential customers down the funnel.

4. Wait till your VC pixel get 1000+ fires ( will take a week or so on a $5/day campaign) then target Karachi or Lahore or nearest metropolitan city because it would drill down your competition and once you are established then you can go and spread in other cities of Pakistan. Actually when you target geographically bigger location then it is pretty hard to target right audience as your audience is quite wide spread on the other if we talk from SEO perspective then it is really hard to rank your keywords in multiple regions than in one specific region.

5. Make an LAA (Look Alike Audience) from your VC audience. Start with 2% (or >1 M):

You need to work on Lookalike Audiences. A Lookalike Audience is a target audience you create from a “source.” It finds other people on Facebook who are the most similar to the people in the source. Like you can target the audience who also likes Minnie Minors. So it will help you target the exact audience. Follow the link for details (under section Custom Audiences):

6. Using above LAA, start running conversion campaigns (first optimize for Add To Cart). That’s the point where you will have a targetted audience that will buy from you. Messenger is the new cool in the e-commerce industry. Both combined can help increase revenues. Once you are familiar with WooCommerce campaigns, you can experiment with different objectives, optimizations, and Audience selections. 

  1. Abandoned Cart Messenger - Recover your WooCommerce abandoned carts with Facebook Messenger

This is where the magic happens. If you are using Woocommerce Plugin hosted on a WordPress site you can integrate your Facebook page via Abandoned Cart Messenger (which makes use of Facebook pixel integration). This shall leave messages to people who were seriously interested in your product/service so much so they added the item into their cart. Other alternatives: ChatChamp (Subscription model, trial limited by user basis) and ChatX.ai (2% comission model, trial limited by amount of items recovered).

Just boosting your posts to a cold audience and expecting sales is not very effective. People don’t know you so they don’t trust you. First, you have to build trust and “warm them up”. Thats what the PPE campaigns do apart from seeding your LAAs.

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All the above reflects that YOU NEED A WEBSITE. Now although that is obviously very important but those who don’t have the budget or expertise shouldn’t advertise on Facebook? The answer is to get sales it is not necessary that you need a website.

Other things you can try:

  • Influencer marketing: Hire online influencer/sales guys and pay them on commission basis. To begin with here is how you can try us to promote your product with a shout out to over 103000 audience.
  • Google Form or Facebook Lead Form: Now Carousel and Website Conversions works great but if your product is simple and not too complicated you can start with Google Forms and Facebook Lead Ads. For single product they are great and will get you some revenue. Please keep an eye on audience your audience should be above 1M it is not my preference but Facebook’s recommended Audience size is around 1.2M. So in order to get this going start working on Google Forms and Lead Ads won’t take that long to figure out as it is quite easy. 
  • Create Product Videos (Unboxing, TVCs etc): Videos tend to get most engagement and have less costs. Enough to get your name out on the market.
  • You can also run competitions and free giveaways to gather some seed customers and build a community around your brand name. But at the same time make your page active and please stop those Like and Share Campaigns where the only person you are attracting is FREEBIE SEEKERS and not buyers. 
  •  There is one more way do Facebook Live sessions for special offers. Announce the time or note down the time when mostly your anticipated audience uses Facebook in Pakistan.
  • Create Browser Extension to your Facebook page and use it as a marketing tool when using e-mail signatures.
  • Hire us toi get you niche related business to business sales leads

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P.S: If any of the above doesn’t make sense to you, please familiarize yourself with basics of FB advertising. Watch some free youtube videos. I would suggest following Ben Malol on Facebook. He has a set of youtube videos (Free) on his channel where you can learn a ton of stuff.

Happy Selling.

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